In this section of the website, I will be providing information about various issues that have an affect the abilities of Indigenous peoples to enjoy their real identities and their ability to partake in their cultures and communities. For example, legislation and policies in relation to Indian registration and band membership impacts Indigenous peoples in a very direct way; usually by denying them access to their community and identity. Similarly, concepts like Indigenous citizenship and nationhood are as important to most Indigenous peoples regardless of whether they are Status or Non-Status Indians as determined by Canada.

Issues around governance can also have an impact on grass roots Indigenous peoples. For example, elections within Indian bands (First Nations) are often exclusive of "off-reserve" or "Non-Status Indians" and have a direct impact on their right to participate in their community’s governance systems.

These issues, together with general matters of accountability, are areas which are of great concern to grass roots Indigenous peoples and we all have the collective knowledge, experience and abilities to make positive changes. It is my intention in the pages that follow, to identify some of these issues and provide links to resources where grass roots citizens can help improve their communities both on an off-reserve within their traditional territories.